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About Us

Welcome To Animidstudio

We have a global team that delivers high-quality digital services at a competitive price-point. Our mission is to give companies the opportunity to fully utilize the vast benefits of Digital Media. Online platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook have become avenues for businesses to make the most of their marketing strategies.

We will help businesses of any size to attract their most engaging target audience to ensure a notable increase in the success of their strategic goals.

About Animidstudio | Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency
Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency

The services that are offered by Animidstudio are


All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your product or service and provide the Script, Logo and Web URL. If you don’t have a script, we can create one for you at an extra cost.
Yes, We provide videos in many languages like English (various country accents), Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic and many others.
Unlimited Revisions (Covers animation adjustments once the script is approved or provided) If you change the voice-over script once the video is done it will cost extra to re-record.
A 30-second script is 75 words, so we can create the following sections: Problem Definition, Solution and Call to Action. Not to worry, if you want to make your video longer during production, we can expand the length and budget with your approval.
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